If a Service, Account, or Domain Name has been suspended from service for abuse, it can only be reinstated with an email or written letter from the Customer Contact.  This e-mail should be sent to:  abuse@backland.net. 

The e-mail or letter must, in the infringer's own words, explain (explaination e-mail):

    a) Why the SPAM incident or other Abuse incident occurred;

    b) If applicable, display understanding of why mass mailing is forbidden;

    c) Commit to incident not occurring again.

The same party that deals with incoming SPAM or Internet Abuse complaints will be the first arbiter in making a decision as to whether or not the account should be reinstated. 

In making a decision the arbiter shall take into consideration:

    a) The authenticity of the e-mail (is it really from the address from which it purports to be);

    b) The nature of the response and the understanding and commitment exhibited therein;

    c) The history of Abuse on that Service/Domain;

    d) To the extent known, the history of Abuse by that customer across different domains.

Communication of the decision should be sent to the e-mail from which the infringer's explaination e-mail was sent or a letter, as appropriate, and should be copied (with the text of the explaination e-mail attached) to abuse@backland.net where a central record of Spam Abuse complaints will be kept. 

If the infringer disputes the decision or if the first arbiter is uncertain which action to take appeal can be made to the Product Manager for a final reinstatement decision.