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How do I change ownership of my domain name? (ie. I want to sell it or give it to someone else)


You can simply give your username and password to the new owner, and allow them to change the contact information using the Manage Domain interface. They should also change the domain's profile to a new one with a unique username and password.

To change the contact information:

In the Manage Domain interface, click on Organization link and update the information

To change the domain's profile:

Log into the Manage Domain interface

Click on "Manage Profile" and then select "Change Ownership of Domain".  Fill out the username/password of the profile you want to add this domain to, or create a new profile and provide a username and password. If you are moving the domain to an existing profile, click on "Move to existing profile" and type the name of a domain that is already in the profile into the "Previously registered domain" field.  Click on "Change Owner" and the domain will be in the new profile.

* It is important to remember that anyone with the profile login can change all information for all domains in the profile, including the ownership.