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Can I transfer domains already registered with another registrar (i.e. Network Solutions) to Backland Communications?


Yes. However, there are some conditions. We cannot do registrar transfers for domains that are On Hold or Past Due with the current registrar. To be on the safe side, you should start the registrar transfer process at least two weeks before the expiry of the domain.

Please note that if a com/net/org domain does expire and you have to renew with the old registrar, you should not transfer until 45 days past the anniversary date. If you do, the year paid to the old registry will be lost and they do not give refunds.

The Admin Contact Email address for the domain must be valid. Contact the current registrar to make this change if necessary.

Currently, the automated system doesn't support transfers for some ccTLD domains.

 Presently, the transfer process works like so:

You can place a transfer using our domain registration management web interface using "Transfer a Domain".

Once the transfer order is submitted to us, an Email will be sent to the Admin Contact Email address of the domain to be transferred.

Before you attempt to transfer a domain, make sure that the Admin Contact Email for the domain to be transferred is valid. If the Admin Contact Email address listed in the current whois info is no longer valid, you must contact the original registrar to request it be changed. We can't assist you in transferring the domain until we can verify who is accepting the transfer.

The confirmation Email contains detailed instructions for the Admin contact. This includes a unique URL which displays an option to either accept or decline the transfer.

Note that all transfers are sanity-checked to prevent high-profile domains like "" from being transferred fraudulently.

Registrar transfers are sent to the Registry where it awaits approval. Unless the losing Registrar explicitly denies the transfer (for instance, if the domain is past it's expiry date), it will usually go through this step within 9 days. It can go through sooner if the losing registrar explicitly approves the transfer. This will vary from registrar to registrar.

Please note that some Registrars have added confirmations of their own for transfers away from their system. Please contact them directly for details.

The transfer itself of the domain costs one year's registration fee. This year is added on top of whatever time is remaining on the domain.

If the transfer is denied by the current Registrar, OpenSRS or by the domain owner themselves, you will receive a refund on your prepaid fee to us.

Please note that when you process a transfer, it will not show up in our domain management interface until the transfer has completed successfully. It usually takes 3-5 days but may take as long as 10 days.